Children of Chaos Alcoholics Anonymous Group
Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings for Atheists, Agnostics and Freethinkers in Austin, Texas


Q.   What is an agnostic?

A.   "Agnostism" is a Greek word meaning "without knowledge" as regards the existence or nature of God. It's a word encompassing a variety of beliefs and non-beliefs held by our members. Recovering alcoholics who attend the agnostic A.A. groups come together knowing that sobriety can be attained by anyone with the help of the A.A. fellowship and principles, without necessarily relying on a supernatural Higher Power.

Q.   How are these different from other A.A. meetings?

A.   Our meetings feature readings from A.A. and non-A.A. literature and topic discussions.  At the end of the meeting the group holds hands and recites the A.A. pledge of responsibility:  “When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that I am responsible.”

Q.   Do you use the Big Book of A.A.

A.   Though most of our members find Chapter 4 ("We Agnostics") to be condescending and not helpful to their sobriety, we use and acknowledge the Big Book as the basic text of A.A use all A.A. approved literature.  One purpose of these groups is to teach freethinkers how to deal positively with the religiosity of the A.A. program and the A.A. literature. Some of our meetings emphasize the A.A. publication Living Sober, a work written from a more-secular point of view and offering practical advice.

Q.   Are These Legitimate A.A. Groups?

A.   Of course. All the groups comply with all Traditions of A.A. and are listed in the meeting schedule of the Hill Country Intergroup.  We are not associated with any of the non-A.A. secular recovery groups.

Q.   Do I have to be an agnostic or atheist to be welcome?

A.   Absolutely not! In fact many of our members are believers.  We simply appreciate an atmosphere where belief in a supernatural higher power is not made a prerequisite for sobriety.

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